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Positive, Normal Stress and Distress

We encounter different types of stress: positive, normal & when it gets elevated: distress. Listed below are some benefits & detriments of stress.

Positive stress can be described as "high", the excited tension you get when you perform your job fast & efficiently. It is this kind of high that makes people enjoy working in the first place. Positive stress makes us aim that little bit higher, leap over the pitfalls life preents to each & every one of us, & give us the force to take on challenges. This is the kind of energy that increases stimulation, helps our energy level, & makes creativity flow. This type of stress does not need to be treated.

Normal stress is a state during which the body performs its functions for survival in response to circumstances. Such as during a car accident, the body is flooded with adrenalin which causes all kinds of physical phenomenon; everything goes into slow motion, or pain cannot be felt. The out of the ordinary stress caused by accidents is all to the good because it increases your capacities & efficiency. Like being able to walk to a phone booth & call for help, then realizing that you have a big gash in your leg, but it was because your mechanisms for dealing with survival situations took over & enabled you to do what needed to be done at the time. These stress mechanisms are very good and do not need to be treated.

Distress, is a different thing all together. This is when your healthy stress becomes chronic, with the result being that we have no energy, no will, only frustration at the ever increasing pressure load. Leading to chronic mental, physical & emotional stress which does need to be treated.

In my next post, will be listed various types of holistic essential oils that can be used for relief from the different types of stress: environmental, chemical, physical, mental & emotional stress. Love, Peace & Harmony!

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