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Hormone Imbalances

Hormones are chemical messengers in our body that affect our brain, heart, bones, muscles, & reproductive organs & are an essential part of the workings of every cell in the human body. Hormones of course work best when they are in-balance. However sometimes hormones can become unbalanced & can be caused by such things as:

*high levels of stress (keeping it all inside), poor food choices, inadequate amounts of sleep, taking "synthetic" hormones & living a sedentary lifestyle (having an insufficient amount of water, movement and/or exercise daily).

Even when just 1 hormone is unbalanced, it can result in some of the following symptoms in women:

*hot flashes, weight gain, insomnia, fatigue, low libido, vaginal dryness, PMS, mood swings, depression, fibrosis & a foggy memory to name a few.

There is relief available in the form of natural herbs & holistic essential oils; however be sure to consult with your personal healthcare provider before beginning your regime. Women with balanced hormones & a lifesyle integrated with proper nutrition & some form of exercise/movement can live a better quality of life as they gracefully age. Successful balancing!

Listed below are some natural herbs that give relief & will help to bring your hormones back into balance allowing you to be healthier, happier & free to live life as you so choose.

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