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  Your Source For Shea Butter Blends infused with Essential Oils



Natural Herbal Blends


For Your 2020 Health and Wellness



Here at Nekbonez Place, I take pride in providing you with a variety of

natural alternatives for your healthcare and wellness.  My products are all handmade by me and made using only certified organic essential oils & herbs. 

They assist to reduce acne, blemishes, dry skin, eczema, reduce stress & relieve joint pain, the pain of arthritis & rheumatism, weight loss & more! 


When the oils & herbs are used as recommended, along with a nutritious diet & some form of exercise, you will feel more energetic, focused, revitalized & have an overall feeling of good health & vitality!

Please enjoy shopping & allow me to assist you in taking back control of your health today!  Because it's 2020 and you have alot to see and do!  Visit us today!

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Nekbonez Place: For Your Skin, Hair & Healthcare Solutions          

For questions & inquiries please call me at: 432-251-8966 or email me at: johnsonalvin43@yahoo.com